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Free Guides on Sustainable Building and Minimising Waste

Sustainable building, green building or eco building is simply using resources (materials, energy, water and air) in smarter, more efficient ways so we can build homes that are affordable, warmer, healthier, cheaper to run and better for the environment and future generations.

Below you will find a number of useful resources on sustainable building to assist both building professionals and homeowners. We highly recommend you obtain a copy of our building guides on Sustainable Building and How to Minimise Construction Waste available from your local ITM store.

ITM Building Guide: Sustainable Building

Produced in association with BRANZ to provide builders and homeowners with practical, common sense information on energy and water efficiency, air quality and selecting more sustainable building materials. Click here to view a PDF copy (file size 3.5mb). Hard copies are available from your local ITM store.

ITM Building Guide: How to Minimise Construction Waste

Produced in association with BRANZ, Recyclers of NZ and the Waste Management Institute of NZ. This guide provides builders with simple, cost-effective and practical ways to minimise construction waste. Click here to view a PDF copy (file size 1.75mb). Hard copies are available from your local ITM store.

Looking for more information on Sustainability?
Download the Building Act 2014.


Sustainable Building
Apprentice Programme


Find out how ITM is involved in training the next generation of Kiwi builders!

Held in close conjunction with Polytechnics across New Zealand, the NZ Carpentry Apprentice Challenge (formerly The Apprentice Challenge) is an annual nationwide event that provides challenges to, and ultimately celebrates the success of, carpentry apprentices across the country.

The tried and true combination of on and off site activities over the Challenge does indeed challenge the apprentices and ensures that the winner is a well rounded individual who can be celebrated and promoted as a future leader in the industry.

How does the challenge work?

The challenge is held under a two part frame-work with events initially being held at a regional level (between the months of February-April) with the finalists moving toward the national final that is held in conjunction with the Certified Builders Association National Conference.

Regional Challenge

This is a practical building based event that participants are required to construct a set item or solution within an agreed timeframe under the watchful eye of a panel of both industry educators and experienced building practitioners.

The challenge is consistent across all regions of the country with apprentices being judged on skills including marking, cutting, fixing and erecting together with understanding and skills on other subjects such as Health and Safety. The winner of each regional challenge moves forward to the National Final.

National Challenge

The finals are held over 36 hours and consist of challenging the apprentice on skills both on and off site. This shifts the finalists out of their own comfort zone with all finalists being required to:

  • Prepare and submit a CV prior to the final.

  • Complete an interview with the finalist judging panel on their knowledge of the building industry and aspirations for the future.

  • There is also a section on public speaking, with finalists being required to either introduce or thank speakers who present to the various educational workshops that take place over the Conference.

The finalists compete for the Ken Read Memorial Trophy together with a range of prizes contributed by ITM and other stakeholders.

Challenge Criteria

The challenge is open to any carpentry apprentice who:

  • Is currently completing a carpentry apprenticeship regardless of their year of study

  • Their apprenticeship is currently being undertaken under the ITAB framework

  • The apprentices employer is a current member of The Certified Builders Association.



We’ll see you right, right across the country

Being fiercely independent and not obligated to a corporate parent, ITM has the freedom to deal with any supplier, which means we can provide genuinely competitive prices on a full range of products and materials.
With a 90-strong network of independently owned and operated stores, we also have massive negotiating power allowing us to bulk buy at the best prices and pass the savings onto you.
It doesn’t matter what size your business is or where you’re located, at ITM, we’ll see you right, right across the country.

  • Genuinely competitive prices

  • Full range of building products and materials

  • Co-ordinated prices and products nationally for group builders

  • Stores throughout the country

  • Nationwide frame and truss network

  • Local support, reliable deliveries

  • Independent owner operated stores

  • Loyalty programme

  • Discounted admission to events (ITM Cup, ITM 500, ITM Fishing competition)

For a partner who can tailor a solution to your individual requirements, talk to the people who know the value of teamwork.


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