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Build yourself the ultimate kitchen with an UNO Flat Pack DIY Kitchen.
UNO Kitchens – The perfect solution for builders and serious DIY customers

Are you thinking of installing a new kitchen? ITM has the perfect solution for you – a flat pack kitchen from UNO Kitchens. These kit set kitchens are a great choice for people interested in DIY. You can create a professional kitchen from the kitset flat pack and add your own unique touches.


Whatever you are dreaming of we have the option you are looking for. UNO Kitchens are convenient flat packed kitchens that you can install yourself but have all the advantages of being very flexible in size and colour range.


Once you have decided on the kitchen of your choice this will be made to order and delivered quickly and you will get cabinets, doors, hardware and assembly instructions all packed together in one box.


Ready to order your new flat pack kitchen? Or need a little help? Get in touch with ITM and we will see you right.


UNO Flatpack Kitchen


Interested in DIY? How does the LBP legislation affect you?

The LBP Scheme

The Licensed Building Practitioner scheme was introduced into New Zealand law in 2012. The scheme requires that  Restricted Building Work is carried out by a Licensed Building Practitioner. Restricted Building Work is anything that affects a home's structure, weather tightness, or fire safety.


Provision for DIY

However, provision has been made for property owners to carry out Restricted Building Work, including the design and building of their own homes, under the Owner-Builder Exemption. To qualify as an Owner-Builder you will need to fill out a Statutory Declaration. You will also need to submit your plans to your local Council and have your work inspected. Information on the Owner-Builder Exemption can be found here. You can also talk to your local Council to find out more.


If you do not feel confident to under take this work yourself, talk to us. We can guide you in finding the right contractor for the job.


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